I think the Mk 4 Supra, Z32 300ZX, FD RX7, (and arguably the SVX & 3000GT as well), while awesome cars, kinda fall into this category, even more so in the USA, where over half didn't make it past the 1996 MY, with the 3000GT holding on until 1999 (whereas these cars continued on for at least 2 additional years in… » 9/08/14 11:06pm 9/08/14 11:06pm

This seems quite a bit like my experiences of trying to jump my 1987 MR2 with my 2011 Legacy, in that the Toyota just wouldn't start up, or if it did, it wouldn't last (thankfully my 3 year car had enough electricity to spare). It sounds like it got at least a bit further on the initial jumps. » 8/15/14 5:22pm 8/15/14 5:22pm

I just recently got a Malibu Eco as a rental for a work trip, and I csn actually agree. I had trouble getting the Auto-Stop to even kick in sometimes, you apparently have to be an agressive braker with this car. It doesn't kick in if you're coasting and then stop, you have to nearly slam down the pedal for it to shut… » 7/29/14 7:34pm 7/29/14 7:34pm

Part of me wants to nominate my 1987 Toyota MR2, bought it in December for $1625. Considering I had to replace the battery, fuel filter, fuel pump, fuel injectors, alternator, spark plugs, several light bulbs, wiper blades, and rebuild the rear calipers, which means I've only been able to put about 25 miles on it (I… » 7/09/14 11:45pm 7/09/14 11:45pm

It's a close argument between the two, considering that in Toyota's home market, the Camry is now sold exclusively with the hybrid powertrain, whereas the Avalon is not sold there at all (points if you know that it ultimately failed as the Pronard over there). But the Camry ( and Honda Accord for that matter) sold… » 7/04/14 12:09pm 7/04/14 12:09pm

I actually own all of the three top deals today strangely, and actually got 2 of the tree for cheaper ($10 less for the jack, stands, & creeper nearly a year ago, and $3 less for the gas can at Menards). I agree, the jack is quite excellent, it fits (just barely) under my 1987 MR2 but also has enough lift to get my… » 6/28/14 9:53pm 6/28/14 9:53pm

From reading that, the pre-joint venture ear was really bad. Quality did improve once it reopened, and GM's failure to implement it speaks more to GM's culture. You'd be hard-pressed to find any significant quality differences between a NUMMI Corolla, a Japanese Corolla, and a Canadian Corolla (yes, for a while Toyota… » 6/24/14 11:11pm 6/24/14 11:11pm